Exalt the Name

Uplifting and beautiful thank you it brings the Holy Spirit live and direct to your soul. thank you
Praise the Lord , Heart touching song. It gives you strength especially when you are away from your family. Gives me strength in in my bad times.
Good song for Praise and worship, with touching in heart
Hallelujah! This song has just the anoiting to it. Be blessed!
I love songs that exalt the Lord.  This one does just that.  Thanks
 let me say you have some wonderful music.  I found Praise Psalms through music.download.com and have really enjoyed it.  You have some beautiful songs and some very powerful messages.
Great song! Love the melody and the guitar
I love your music, its so encouraging God bless you and may the light of Christ forever shine upone you. Its not in vain that you have been doing this... I guess you already seen the good fruits of righteousness... I love to worship Jesus, he is soooo sweet! The lifter of my faith. God bless
Ruth Njuguna
Greetins from Pakistan. This song is awesome. I have included many of your songs in our Church music, but this one rings in the heart. I play a bit of guitar and would appreciate if you could help with guitar chords. God Bless you.
Yvette Franklin (nee Fyfe)

I love this song. could you provide the score and accompaniment. i would love to use this in my praise team.
thank you so much


waoh what a beautifu song, indeed it bless my spirit keep it going and may God bless you
i love to hear the beautiful songs for jesus!!! it releases my burdens in life...alicia
I really enjoy the sound of this song! I was wondering if there was any way to get a copy of the guitar, drum, & bass tabs for this song? If that would be possible, I'd love for our church band to learn the song as I feel it would have a tremendous impact on the congregation
This is very beautiful, I love the melody and lyrics, keep up the good work!
i love this song really i love i love ilovethis is my gist and this song my heart also teally
Really done a great job. May you be encouraged to continue praising God with the talents he has given you.
God bless.
A worship song so perfect!
Very beautiful and powerful...I love this song..Keep up the good work.

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