I stumbled onto your songs on the web. I am a pastor in California and I want you to know I was greatly blessed by your songs. I'm going to pass this onto our worship leader. I hope you stay at this task of putting the truth about Christ to music. It sounds like you understand the doctrines of grace.
Hi Dan
we have listened to your music, it was nice to hear songs that are rich with the anointing and glorifying to Lord.  God bless you and your great ministry of music.
     I am just getting around  to listening  to your wonderful music, (been studying for state  exams frantically),  and  I am PRAISING GOD  for the rich talent  and skill  that  He blessed  you  with!   WOW,  love the productions,  love the  music,  and  PEASE  PLEASE,  put me on your mailing list!!!   Make me   an  official FAN!!!!!

I really enjoy the gift you have concerning some of your songs, especially exalt his name. I'd love to be informed about your other songs as well as "Light of the King". Keep up the good work and remain blessed.

     I love your songs. It is obvious that you love the Lord as you lift up
and praise his name. Please add me to your notification list, and e-mail me
when new songs are available.

I just wanted you to know that I was blessed by your music on your web site.  I would like to encourage you to take your music further.  It seems to me to be as good or better than what I hear on the Christian radio stations and many others would be blessed by hearing it.
Thank you for sharing it with me through your web site. 

I have been blessed by your music, and would like to be notified when
you add new songs.

I love songs that exalt the Lord.  This one does just that.  Thanks
Dan,    really enjoyed your style,very up lifting
I visited your website today and I am very much blessed by the songs.
I pray that the Lord blesses you more and more each day.

Dan-  I listened to your music on Sharesong.  "Light from The King" has a great beat and words that edify.  God bless you!
hi dan,

 thanks for sharing those songs, it was a time of edification,
i'd appreciate if you could mail me whan new songs are added,


 let me say you have some wonderful music.  I found Praise Psalms through and have really enjoyed it.  You have some beautiful songs and some very powerful messages.
 Beautiful Song! Great job! GOD BLESS

Greatly blessed by your music with so much emphasis on the Word and praise.  E. Evans

Your piece is energetic and gives me overwhelming joy.Thank God for having given this opportunity  to see this site  ... WYN INDIA
Dear Sir,
I have voted for your song "I Surrender All To Thee" i like it very much, it touches my heart whenever i listen to or sing it, May God bless you and give you enough faith, power and knowledge to praise him..  NAJ, Sudan
Excellent deep insight into what Christ has done for us
Greetins from Pakistan. This song is awesome. I have included many of your songs in our Church music, but this one rings in the heart. I play a bit of guitar and would appreciate if you could help with guitar chords. God Bless you.
Yvette Franklin (nee Fyfe)
I love your music, its so encouraging God bless you and may the light of Christ forever shine upone you. Its not in vain that you have been doing this... I guess you already seen the good fruits of righteousness... I love to worship Jesus, he is soooo sweet! The lifter of my faith. God bless
Ruth Njuguna


Your music is a huge blessing to me! Inspiring, worshipful, joyful.  ... My favorites from your website were The Crown and The Dream.

How do I purchase a CD? 


I love this song. could you provide the score and accompaniment. i would love to use this in my praise team.
thank you so much


The lyric is beautifull the vocal is warm and sounds good

im blessed by your songs and may God continue to use you in music ministry

Message from:

waoh what a beautifu song, indeed it bless my spirit keep it going and may God bless you
i love to hear the beautiful songs for jesus!!! it releases my burdens in life...alicia
I really enjoy the sound of this song! I was wondering if there was any way to get a copy of the guitar, drum, & bass tabs for this song? If that would be possible, I'd love for our church band to learn the song as I feel it would have a tremendous impact on the congregation

You did this song very well I like it very much thanks for sharing


This is very beautiful, I love the melody and lyrics, keep up the good work!
Very beautiful and powerful. Thank you and keep up the good work
This song truly reflects what our Lord Jesus has done for all of us, paying the death penalty we incurred as a result of our transgressions. Thank you to the Father for allowing this to happen that we may have reconciliation with Him, restoring us to where we ougth to be. Johnny
WOWeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! this song is such an inspiration to my life :) it was truly beautiful. whoever wrote this song is just amazing. it brought tears to my eyes as i am a very religious person and it touched me so deeply. ILY JESUS!
beautiful and touching one
i love this song really i love i love ilovethis is my gist and this song my heart also teally
Dan you have got gift of music from God keep it up and continue to bring people closer to God
Love this song Dan, you have such talent and such a wonderful voice.. God's blessings...
Can I strive to forgive as Jesus forgave - this song helps me to reflect on His pain and suffering, endured by the innocent Christ, so that we may live fully and have life everlasting.
Thank you Dan.
All best wishes
beautiful song.... MY CROSS.... I like it. its a touching song
binu thomas
Wonderful song, Dan!  Praise the Lord for you and your awesome music ministry :)  (Holy is Your Name)
I love the song and arrangement! My church praise team loved playing it! Thanks!  (I surrender all)
Really done a great job. May you be encouraged to continue praising God with the talents he has given you.
God bless.  (Exalt the Name)
this song really inspired me. This song had a big impact within me. Praise be to God our Savior!!!
Beautiful song. Indeed it as for me that He died!
a beautiful song, it kpt reminding me of what my saviour underwent for me. very inspriring
How beautiful is this song! It touched my heart, and shows how much Jesus loves us!! Thank you!!
A worship song so perfect!emoticon roseemoticon roseemoticon rose
Very beautiful and powerful...I love this song..Keep up the good work.
Dan this is a beautiful song, it really tells the true love of our Savior... Mark
It is touching wow wow wow thank you thank you thank you.... Getro

This song should be heard in every Chruch in America! But we should not stop there, it needs to heard on every radio station in the Country. Maybe then people  will take notice . You hit the nail  on the head with this one.            Melinda

The song "MY CROSS" made me cry the first time i heard it thank u very much 4 this song

I like your songs, keep up the good work, God bless from Mark, Queensland , Australia

Dan this is a beautiful song, it really tells the true love of our Savior
This song is a wonderful song for repentence that can make you realise how mighty and wonderful our god is.
i'm crying whenever I'm hearing this song playing. especially when i joined myself singing in my own understanding of the song. This song is really awesome, hope to have it's accompaniment track for I know that God wants me to share this blessing that Im having when hearing this song to my fellow children in Christ Jesus. God bless - Richard

Great, God-inspired lyrics that can be used for both worship service and special music. The type of song that touches the heart and causes one to look upwards to GOD. A God-centered song, as opposed to a self-centered song.